I'm often curious to know what software or tools are others using in their everyday routines — so inspired by Awesome-Uses I've created this page to share my setup. Enjoy! ✌️

💻 Hardware

  • MacBook Pro 13inch.
  • Mac Mini with eGPU connected to dual “IPS” monitors (4K & 2K 144Hz).
  • My keyboard is the Ducky Channel One 2 Mini with Cherry MX Red Silent switches.
  • My mouse is the wireless Logitech G903.

🤖 Softwares

  • VS Code Used to open a single file, scripting, markdown with preview but I recently switched to NeoVim.
  • IntelliJ A good IDE for large projects.
  • Insomnia REST client.
  • iTerm2 Good Terminal with tmux, zsh, oh-my-zsh, and powerlevel10k.
  • Alfred Awesome for daily desktop automation.
  • CLI Tools:
    • Jq command-line JSON processor
    • fzf A command-line fuzzy finder
    • bat A cat(1) clone with wings.
  • Notion Used as personal Wiki, Todolist, Draft Notes and much more plus it is synced across all devices.
  • Tweetbot Twitter client with timeline synced across all devices.
  • Shadow Playing games into the cloud.
  • Helium A floating browser window. Useful when programming in fullscreen and Picture-in-Picture feature not available.
  • Be Focused: Podomoro timer.

🌍 Web Services

  • TT-RSS My long-time self-hosted RSS client (R.I.P Google Reader).
  • TheLounge Self-Hosted web IRC client.
  • Grammarly Because my English sucks.
  • ProtonMail Since I've quit Google Gmail.
  • ProtonVPN When I trust less the network than my VPN provider.

If you have any questions about my workflow, I would be glad to exchange with you! Feel free to contact me on Twitter, Mastodon or via email. 😉